Finally a product that works as it says it will. The product is not a pretty product. Don't get me wrong, it works and works well but they have a nice pack and the product does what it says it will do - it stretched my *** safely, unlike the dangerous steel skin re-tractors.

It was worth the money and worth the effort.

Watch out for bogus claims by competitors that say nasty things about novoglan - they are put up by an unregistered competitor.

All in al - Novoglan works. When I called to ask about getting the larger plunger the lady told me that she would sent out for free as they had a special on that week. So she could have not told me and made me pay. I found them to honest and helpful.

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Novoglan is a great product and worked for me. The person who is says that is not is the pro circumcision nutter who spreads bad things about anyone who tries to help men avoid circumcision.

Novoglan is awesome and people should ignore the *** put our there by nutters who want to cut you.

My *** works really well thanks to novoglan.

to barry-m Tampa, Florida, United States #623495

wanna bet this guy works for these Scam Artists!

He is a shill for a company who's product doesnt exist. The scam is to keep your money, as long as they can, earn interest on multiple sales, refund after you log a complain, again holding your funds for as long as they can and pocketing the interest

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